Landscape Supplies

Jilesen Group have a large range of landscaping products for your property, garden or commercial premises.

Bark/wood products: These products will enhance the appearance of your gardens while helping to retain moisture and help in the suppression of weed.

  • Bark nuggets. Red / brown in colour, sizing is at 50mm & looks very uniformed.
  • Bark mulch. A shredded stringy looking bark with a small nugget & other bark fines blended together. It is brown in colour & retains moisture well.

Limestone products: sourced from the king country area. They can be used in a variety of areas from driveways, footpaths & gardens.

  • Limestone fines. A very finely crushed lime used to help bind or to cap off driveway, footpaths etc. Forms a very solid cover when rolled in wet.
  • 6/16 lime chip. We carry 6-16mm graded product. Used pathways, garden fetches & for growing watercress hydroponically.
  • AP30 limestone. Is a product of many graded size stone blended together. This product will bind together excellent for the base of a garden paths ,driveways etc
  • Lime based course
  • Black sand
  • White mortar sand
  • Builders mix

Soils/fill products: products that can be used for lawns or gardens.

  • Crusher dust. A good cheap product for fill or for building, laying pavers etc.
  • Pumice. Another cheap fill alternative
  • Topsoil. Toping up or creating new lawn & garden areas.
  • Compost. For use in flower beds or veggie gardens can be blend with the topsoil in these applications as well.
  • Garden Mulch

Our minimum purchase is 1 cubic metre or 1 tonne per load.

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