Earthmoving, Rock Work, Quarry Products

Jilesen Group are based in Taumarunui and provide a range of earthmoving services to the wider Ruapehu area.

Roading Services

Jilesen Group are called in on numerous occasions in the Ruapehu area to help with roading projects and repairs.


Jilesen Group move large quantities of earth such as re-aligning roads, State Highways and Council roads.

Rock Works

Jilesen’s undertake major rock works projects from creation of major retaining walls to fixing stop banks on rivers.

Drainage Services

We are well experienced in building new drains for farms, river diversions, and drainage of swampy areas to turn in to dairy paddocks.


We do a lot of general delivery work of metal and landscaping products to landscape yards and equipment delivery.

Jilesen Group provide a high quality range of rock and metal services to the wider Ruapehu area.

Landscape Supplies

Jilesen Group have a large range of landscaping products for your property, garden or commercial premises.

Ruapehu Stone and Pebbles

Ruapehu stone is a natural formed pebble from years of tumbling in the Whanganui River. Jilesen Group wash and grade the stone in to several grading sizes.

Construction Products

We have a large range of construction products, from crushed metals to chip for sealing roads and driveways.


242 Miro Street, Manunui 3924

opening hours Saturday morning 8:00am – 12:00pm