Jilesen Group are based in Taumarunui and provide a range of contracting services to the wider Ruapehu area.


Jilesen Group move large quantities of earth such as re-aligning roads, State Highways and Council roads.

We have a large amount of earthmoving equipment for any sized job, from small bob cat work to large 25-tonne earthmoving projects.

The projects that Jilesen’s normally get involved with are:

  • Clearing building sites
  • Forming tracks on farmland and in the bush
  • Setting out sites for large barns and sheds on rural properties
  • Creating water storage ponds and dams and lakes for rural properties
  • Installation of irrigation pipes and drainage and water reticulation
  • Reclaiming land banks or stop banks

Jilesen’s have a range of machines, large and small and our diggers range from 3-tonne to 30-tonne. Our bulldozers range from 13-tonne to 23-tonne and our trucks range from 1-tonne to 25-tonne.

Rock Works

Jilesen’s have undertake many major rock works projects over the years ranging from creation of major retaining walls to fixing stop banks on rivers.

We build a large number of rock walls around houses, and secure a number of rivers that have been in flood that have eroded away.

Repairing our roads in the Ruapehu District is an area that we are often involved in where banks or slips have been eroded away due to bad weather.

We are also involved in a number of situations to set up rock walls and major retaining walls before earthworks can be undertaken.


We are well experienced in building new drains for farms, river diversions, and drainage of swampy areas to turn in to dairy paddocks.

We also clean out a number of field drains or drainage and culvert situations that have built up and causing flooding.